The Growing & Exciting Trends Of Office Cleaning Services In Sydney

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    Commercial cleaning is a large scale cleaning activity carried out across offices, commercial shop floors, factories, or any space that is used for commercial purposes. Commercial cleaning services in Sydney, Australia is an industry that is estimated to be at a staggering $12 billion currently and registering exponential growth because of the influx of new businesses.

    Commercial Cleaning Industry Business Revenue

    Commercial contract cleaning is estimated to be $78 billion, and the industry has grown by the average rate of 6.6 percent each year for the last 10 years according to the study “Cleaning Services Market-Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecasts, 2014-2022”. Commercial cleaning services have been hit with the ebbs and flows during the economic downturn. The commercial cleaning services in Australia have undergone significant upheavals in the past decade. Many upcoming cleaning service entrants are trying aggressively to gain a firm foothold in the fiercely competitive marketplace to carve out a niche.

    Impending growth opportunity in Office cleaning Sydney CBD

    Allied market research has published a report claiming the global cleaning services are envisaged to clock $74 billion by the year 2022. The Australian cleaning services industry is estimated to register a 4.1% annual growth over the next 5 years. With more office spaces and commercial properties being launched in key commercial Australian cities like Melbourne, cleaning companies envisioning a brilliant prospect in the upcoming years.

    Projection in the current year shows that the Australian outsourced commercial cleaning services will grow at a moderate pace of 1.8% with people intending to outsource their commercial cleaning services Melbourne and other cities.

    Big Blow for the unprofessional office cleaners

    Industry reports stated that the key observers attribute the sluggish growth to customer dissatisfaction resulting in low confidence in the cleaning businesses. Most cleaning services have lost 50 percent of their clientele due to lack of professionalism and due to below-par cleaning services.

    New Entrants are poised to make their way

    As per the market trends ofcommercial cleaning in Australia, new-age office cleaners are coming up with new prospects and approach of cleaning. Although cleaning service is an on-going process and overlooked as an essential service and unable to garner the appreciation it deserves for the job well done. The already established companies make it difficult for the new entrants in the business to survive in the market. Startups in the cleaning industry cannot survive for long because of the competition from the franchises of the cleaning industry leaders.

    The new entrants bring a fresh outlook of managing cleaning services in Sydney, leveraging new technology and competitive pricing. The startups are posing great competition by significantly improving their service offerings and quality by investing in new equipment and imparting the training to their front end employees.

    The Bottom Line

    The industry reports further suggest that the rise in the revenue growth in the commercial cleaning industry is triggered by the employment of dual-income middle-class families. Australian Bureau of Statistics states that about 70 percent of the Australian full-time workers contribute over 40 hours a week that is likely to increase the volume of outsourced commercial cleaning businesses.

    Resilient commercial cleaning services can stand the economic downturn, and risk associated with unforeseen global recessions. That inspired new cleaning services opening almost every day in Australia to cater to the burgeoning outsourcing need of cleaning management services.

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