Is It Feasible To Clean Windows During The Rainy Season?

You have probably heard that cleaning your windows when there is rain in the air is a fool’s errand, a pointless task that will make no difference afterwards. And it has probably become ingrained into you to avoid failing fowl to a wasted task. But what if you live in a town, city or country whose dial seems to be permanently set to rainfall? Will there only ever be a small window of opportunity to have your own windows cleaned?

Taking a closer look

Well it’s time to dispel this notion as professional window cleaners can complete the job in most weather conditions and are trained to deal with the unpredictability that comes with this. It is also not the actual rain that will make a window dirty but instead the dirt that is already on them. Professional window cleaning services offered by Rock Fresh Cleaning ensure that your vision is well kept outside without having the hurdles of stain, dirt and foggy panes.

Good to go in the rainy season

Windows are designed to use rainwater and sunlight to remove natural dirt and debris from them. But when other factors hit your windows, such as pollen, dust build up and pesky bird droppings and they cling to them, the next time it rains, the water from this will attach itself to the existing dirt. This in turn will make the dirt look worse but only because it was already there and not simply because it rained. If your windows are free of any external dirt, when the rain comes it will simply wash away and leave your glass clean.

Important message

Avoiding having your windows cleaned in wet weather will actually, in the long term, make them worse as water stains may build up and take more time to remove. It is important to keep on top of your regular window cleaning routine, to preserve them so that you reap the maximum benefits that clean windows create.Whenever you see a few droplets on the horizon or the forecast seems to give you a never-ending episode of rainy weather, don’t cancel your window cleaning service.

Keep windows clean round the year

Keeping windows clean all year round is a great idea and a great habit to get into. But with the changing seasons and temperamental weather, it can be a tricky task and then could become overlooked. However a professional window cleaner from Rock Fresh Cleaning in Sydney will be able to work around the elements to ensure the maintenance of your windows can be a year round endeavour.

Washing in the winter

You may think that when winter begins and the temperatures drop that you can’t now have your windows cleaned but the reality is you can still have them serviced by a professional who can offer solutions around the chilly conditions. As the nights begin to draw in and there is less sunlight overall, by getting your windows cleaned, you can maximise the amount of brightness in your home which is precious at this time of year.

A professional company that provides window cleaning services will know how to stay warm whilst doing the job and how to keep their cleaning materials working on your windows whilst the air might be wet and cold. They will also have measures in place to keep the water they are using warmer on frosty days to ensure this does not freeze while cleaning.

Suds in the spring/summer

As we come out of the cocoon of winter and the first promise of sunny days appear, the idea of spring cleaning comes to the forefront. Clean windows in the spring and summer will help your house maximise the amount of sunlight coming through and get rid of pollen around your frames.A professional cleaner will be able to give your windows a complete overhaul in the summer as temperatures will make the job easier and safer. Whilst hot days are always welcome they present a challenge with cleaning windows as the heat will dry them quicker, before products may have time to work.

But the professionals will have the cleaning materials and equipment to cope with scorching days and to make sure your windows stay streak free and gleaming, working fast and efficiently so you can enjoy a spotless view of the sunshine.

The aesthetic benefits

While the aesthetic benefits of clean windows are no secret, you may be surprised at the number of health benefits that accompany professionally-cleaned, sparkling panes. If you see dirt and grit building on your panes, you may want to keep reading. You may just find how serious the consequences of putting off window cleaning can be. Have you ever swiped your finger across a window and been disgusted by the result? Seeing the skin dander, dust, pollen, hair and many other allergens that accumulate on your windowsills can be jarring.

But worse than the “gross” factor is the impact these materials can have on your immune system. Dirty windows allow for these unwanted agents from both inside and outside your home to accumulate, and can actually cause allergies for you, your family, or your employees. Many health conditions such as headaches, coughing, sneezing, fatigue, and nausea could all be a result of these allergens, which is why it is very important to make sure that your windows are not only cleaned, but also protected against the buildup of this unwanted grit and grime.

Of course, these are just a few of the many potential health benefits that come with dirty windows. So make sure that you get your looked at to ensure a safe and healthy home or office space. Also remember, windows can be cleaned no matter what the time of the year is. When searching for professional window cleaning services in Sydney, Rock Freh Cleaning has always got you covered with the best approach. It’s wise to go with a service with proven experience. We provide services for multiple business establishments around Sydney and surrounding areas.We have all the expertise and resources necessary to make your windows clean.