Builder Cleaning

Rock Fresh Cleaning has been working with a number of builders across Sydney and the surrounding regions to cover the finishing touches required before handing over the property to the customers. We offer the highest level of cleaning services to ensure that the areas are free of dust and grime. We hit our deadlines and this is essential in the construction sector. Even the best-run sites have to adjust their schedules at times, and we have learned to be very flexible. That’s why our exceptional construction cleaning and after builders cleaning services cater to the 24/7 demands of construction sites. We’re here to work with you.

The construction cleaning sector is an area that has seen significant growth over the past months. Our experienced team has built long-lasting partnerships based on the quality of their workmanship, an approach that has been well-received by all of our clients. We provide cleaning during and after the construction process, to ensure that your new building is spick and span.

Meeting your requirements

At Rock Fresh Cleaning, our team will be open to any discuss discerning the requirements thoroughly. We provide a quote and get your builders clean booked in at the earliest opportunity for you. Rest assured that we have the expertise to do what’s needed to the highest standards. Our staff has the requisite builders clean experience and the training and certification required to work on your site. It takes hard work to build something great (and even more work to make sure it’s clean). That’s why we’re very proud to be working with the likes of some of the major brands in businesses in Sydney, NSW.

We ensure that you receive sparkle clean service. A process that involves an in-depth cleaning following a new building or refurbishment. This includes all areas of your property including wall cleaning, floor cleaning, and cleaning of fixtures and fittings. Sparkle cleaning is typically carried out a few days before the project completion date so that it is ready to be handed over to the client. We guarantee you’ll be 100% satisfied with our cleaning services. But we go a step above that.

The team you would be looking for

We also want to extend this personal promise to you: every member of our crew will be friendly, professional, and treat your home or office with the same care they would their own. When you hire the best builder cleaning company, you can be assured that your cleaning problems will be addressed. We are completely committed to exceeding your expectations with each and every visit. If you’re not happy, we’ll make it right.

This process takes place right at the end of a project. The cleaning team is the very last people to enter the building before the client moves in – and they’re the ones you want. The Rock Fresh team prioritises attention to detail so that you can make a real impact. The benefits of these cleans are significant – it will be the cleanest you’ll ever see your project and our team will manage everything so professionally that you won’t need to get involved. Your client will soon be moving into a clean, tidy, and shiny new building.

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